Hello there!
I’m Ashwin...
I’m kind of a high school dropout since my family as a whole, rejected the Indian schooling system. I studied privately under a UK based education system and completed my high school education when I was about 15 (had to meet the quota for showing off in the about me section)
It's weird but my interest in photography actually started off with following around conventionally scary looking creepy-crawlies in the bushes with a camera in my hands.
Once I realised that insects aren’t great with making payments on time (took me longer than you think) I begrudgingly diversified into various other fields of photography.
In this process I completed a higher national diploma in photography in order to get as good at taking pictures of a few other things as I am at taking pictures of insects (not bugs).
Thankfully I realized I had a passion for photographing food (not just cuz I get to eat my subjects after) and here we are now! I now takes pictures of yummy food and special products that make food yummy, for a living!
I’ve hosted a whole bunch of food photography workshops and even teach private students. I share behind-the-scenes and a ton of photography tips on my Instagram @ace._photography (the handle without the special characters were already taken).
You can contact me for commercial food photography on my Instagram page or send me over an email to ashwin.studio1@gmail.com

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