Hello there!
I’m Ashwin.
I’m a high school dropout since my family as a whole, rejected the Indian schooling system. I studied privately under a UK based education system and completed my high school education when I was about 15.
My interest in photography actually started off with following around generally scary looking creepy-crawlies in the bushes with a camera.
Once I realized that insects aren’t great with making payments, I diversified into various other fields of photography.
In this process I completed a higher national diploma in photography in order to get better at taking pictures of stuff that aren't insects.
I realized I had a passion for photographing food and here we are now! I now takes pictures of yummy food and artisanal products that make food delicious, professionally.
I’ve hosted a whole bunch of food photography workshops and even teach private students. I share behind-the-scenes and a ton of photography tips on my Instagram @ace._photography.
You can contact me for commercial food photography on my Instagram page or send me over an email to ashwin.studio1@gmail.com :)
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